Festival visitors
Prevention advice for festival visitors
Avoiding danger at festivals is never a sign of cowardice, but rather a sign of common sense. Find out about existing safety instructions and facilities before visiting a festival, at the latest on site from the festival operator or the security staff.

Safety-oriented behavior, as you know it from road traffic, applies to any movement in public spaces. Anticipatory behavior generally enables you to identify dangers and avoid them at an early stage. Your awareness of potential dangers and the avoidance of dangerous situations should not be seen as a restriction of your personal freedom, but rather as a gain for your safety.

This applies in particular when you attend major events such as festivals, concerts and sporting events.

In order to improve the feeling of safety and actual safety in public spaces, the LKA NRW has also compiled prevention information for you when attending music festivals. You can find these in the download area on the right,

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110