New body protection equipment: quick-release systems on the shoulder and on the arm and leg protectors allow the KSA to be put on and taken off quickly
Well protected for use
The new body armor (KSA) was developed because the old equipment was outdated and lacked ballistic protection. The focus was on the needs of the group officers who wear the KSA in the riot police.
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The state working group set up at the beginning of 2019 under the leadership of the 3rd Riot Police Division cooperated with the Cologne Sports University. The university's broad-based study made scientifically sound statements on weight load and temperature development during typical missions. The requirements were developed together with the specialist departments of the higher state authorities (LZPD and LAFP). In addition, the experience of other working groups of the state and federal police forces was also incorporated.

For four weeks, the colleagues put various items of uniform through their paces in an operational course developed by the LAFP. This is where the wheat was separated from the chaff. Some proved to be good and passed the practical test, while other products were rejected. The vote of the colleagues ultimately led to the procurement of the current KSA.

In addition to the integrated impact and stab protection, the new KSA also has permanently integrated ballistic protection. This coordinated system in a vest model is much easier to wear and offers greater freedom of movement. Helmet, radio or bodycam can be attached directly to the vest, as can pockets and license plates.

In addition, the material is flame-retardant, water-repellent and easy to clean.

The KSA can be quickly removed using quick-release fasteners (emergency openings). On hot days, the KSA can be aired out to cool the body in quiet situations.

The pictures show the various wearing options and combinations.

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